Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A random day after work

So yesterday after a long hard day at work( ok long day at work.. alright after work :P), I took a cab back home and on the way remembered my hubby’s tattoo dream expedition was happening somewhere in the corner of a mall. I derouted and went straight to the mall to see the insy winsy spider  getting inked on his right palm. Though I keep pestering him to convey the symbolism , he keeps evading  my question saying he himself doesn’t know(hard to believe ,could be true too). Now his desire grew and he wants a web right from his palm to his neck and maybe his entire body too. Maybe then he might ink some flies to give company to his spidey.
So where were we, O yeah the movie.Since the inking ceremony was only a 15 minute affair , by the time I reached he was done with it. Could see a glimpse of happy tears (could be from the pain too) on his awestruck face , a feeling of accomplishment.

A quick dinner at Harrys and we headed right to PVR cinemas to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Volume 1 never failed to amuse me. But this one, Man..  it made me cry my heart out. Tears rolling down my cheeks underneath the 3D glasses. Thank god , the theatre was dark.There were swift movements on my face like I was moping it or something.

The best part of the movie was when it made me believe Quill had a father and that he was not only handsome but a doting one too and in the likes of God in that galaxy.Well that turned out ot be a disaster huh? However Groot was too cute and the raccoon(lol I know this particular word irritates him more than anything else and he would have bamboozalled me right away). The evil sister turned out to be the one with the golden heart. Suprised , no doubt. However , the ending will definitely make you go for the tissue papers. Such a great watch with amazing sense of dark humour and sarcasm and yes, right to the point.

Best movie I have watched in a while. Worth your time J

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Telepathic Complications

This is for the sweet girls out there who fall in love so quickly later to realize it was just a mere crush or so called infatuation. So let me tell you one thing in advance. Don’t expect me to spill out truth here all the time.Well... sometimes you need to create the mystery element for my wonderful readers. In a girl’s world, crushes are an integral part ;)

So you believe in Telepathy? Has it ever occurred to you it can be fashioned out with a few simple tricks ;) The magic is assured to linger on for some time at least J

Say, you want lots of coincidences to happen. Pretend you appear everywhere out of the blue, but all the time you are stalking the other person ;) pretty clean huh to outwit the lame ;) But trust me, it works. The target is bound to feel surprised to find you wherever they go. But make sure you are up to something and not loiter around feeling embarrassed of being caught. And make sure to give one glance, a strong seductive one ;) and then look somewhere. But make sure you do this exercise with no regrets or guilty feeling at the end of the day.

So the eye battle always works. Now the talking part! You think a simple HI is the easiest word to say to a person whom you have a crush on? Well... let me tell you from my experience. You tend to swallow your tongue when you are around that person. You seem to be lost in your own world and then you realize you missed the wonderful opportunity of finally nearing your chances of a rendezvous with your crush. You need to find the strength to approach that person because you never know what you actually think you are interested in might be the one repulsive factor ;)

And the rehearsals??? Please avoid even thinking about it. You never know how tricky your mind gets at that special moment. It has the ability to juggle words and like the search engine Google blurt out something else even before you realize what you said. So chill, if it’s a HI ,just say it and keep your mouth shut and Yes, it can create a magic someday maybe...If it doesn't , it’s time to replace your crush ;)Fag it out :P

P.S: This is purely entertainment focused and terms and conditions apply here also ;)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The 'in' thing

You awesome people out there don't expect me to highlight tips on new fashion trends in this space. Well who knows in some time I might start doing that ;) Well this is a short co incidence that managed to irritate me more than how my eyes are irritating me right now.

So few days back, the mausam was showing signs of discomfort, well! For Delhi it was the best. The winds were fearsome, blowing its horn harder than ever, rattling the steel sheds, swirling everything that came across its trail ,making wild hair of feminine roots to act like a pine corn ,creating a nasty web of all things dusty, the silhouette always mind-blowing . I guess I can go on and on beautifying nature’s horridness but yes even that makes me feel closest to Mother Nature.

Still I am not getting anywhere near to what I wish to say. So here I go, straight to the point.

Sitting on the fifth floor with glass covered panes masking tall buildings, I could hear the hustles of dancing trees and I couldn’t resist myself from vacating my seat ,running toward the lift, press the ground floor button and there I was out in the wild, free from black monitors ,chilling ac’s  & busy people.

I could feel my tress flying high and I was enjoying the warmth it was giving me without asking for it. I stood there letting the wind caress me for some more time before I realised what was happening. Mind it, I was so happy that I didn’t want to miss any of it and then the atrocious thing happened.

My eyes were smothered with dusty mist and I was blinded by something that is too embarrassing to reveal that I didn’t care to wash my eyes. I went back, packed my bags and left. Reached my destination, had a wonderful dinner with someone special and ran back home and after lots of fun with my dear roomies I managed to sleep. Next morning, disaster!

My right eye was swollen and it was paining like hell and whom to blame?
Mother Nature? For letting me enjoy her for pretty good time? Or did I do something wrong with her? Whatever! I got bitten by the smug and kept sulking over it and finally decided to see who else but the next best thing to GOD, a Doc!
Did I ever tell you how I used to hate going to doc’s .Well I guess that’s a different story altogether ;)
So I dress up, wear my sun glasses (you never know how windy it can get but yeah it was Sunny too ;)) and reached the doc’s place, waited for some time, and finally he arrives; A cheerful smile and a funny look. I told him my ailments and after taking a look at my wide open mouth, he takes his writing pad and jots down the medicines for me. Here goes the list
Crocin , Citizin ,Otrivin and all things ‘in’. I gasped at the list and then the doctor and I whispered to him in my mind.” Dude! I am freaking having an eye pain not a bloody cold”.
He was good in ripping a hole in my pocket and I left abruptly, thanked him for his genius discovery, bought those medicines anyways and now still with the pain on my eyes I keep writing and staring at those tabs and wondering how a stye can make you believe in imaginary things.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

life as it is

I am not sure if I should start freaking out already thinking about the world nearing its end. Somehow on the back of my mind I feel I will get to see the world standing healthy on its tiny little toes for a zillion more years.

Whatever has happened and is happening I still feel it’s not creating any impact on the two legged creatures. They still move on and worry about silly everyday things.

Isn’t it time to live the moment and forget about everything else. I don’t wish to get philosophical nor act like a preacher .You may or may not be here tomorrow and the reality sucks. So better start doing things that makes you happy. Be with people who make your life better. Trickle down happiness. Shell out your energy. Forgive yourself. Above all believe in yourself and your abilities. You are braver, stronger and smarter than you think you are. You are here for a purpose. You can’t leave unless you accomplish it.

So be a  good Samaritan and live a life closer to nature  J J J

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Political Adults-Only mishap ;)

Ok. So this some recent hot news that’s splashing across all news channels and the title itself will make everyone glued to the television screen. Ahem, careful with the hands. What??? I am saying not to raise the middle finger. For Christ’s sake, can’t you people leave small things small?

Now back to our discussion. So these 2 innocent ministers were under stress and what’s the best medicine for stress? Watching Porn???Note that one of them was the “woman and child development” minister.
Hello??? Do u realise the minister has to do his basics. He needs to understand everything about women. He is no Mel Gibson in “What women want” movie.

Enough with the sarcasms. Is it that big a crime to watch something like this while a heated debate was going on? Is that the reason they demand resignations from these two human beings? Yes, to err is human. But how is it different from these two idiots imagining porn playing in their intellectual minds and not giving any sort of attention to the meeting? Is it then deemed a crime?Hell yeah,screw the new technology that is ruining even the kids of this generation.

But anyways we the people voted for these little men who think they are doing a wonderful job? So who’s there to blame? Them? Or us? Or should we just put the blame on Global Warming J

Monday, February 6, 2012

Your story?My story?doesn't matter...

When you think your story is the worst drawing in the world, take a moment and think about others around you.

I was cribbing about missing my family for a few months, as I had to join my work.  I pitied myself like anything. My good friend came on chat asking me about my vacation, and all I did was fret about unnecessary things.

Just then he shared something with me and all I could do at that moment was pray for the soul of the poor girl who died of blood cancer. Why does god play funny games with innocent souls? Why would god need younger souls in heaven? Is he experimenting with his creations again?

Why was I so disturbed? After all it was a girl whom I knew in name and stories only. Still I could feel the pain and more than that, the fear that was gripping me hard from inside. Why do people get so disturbed when they hear about death? Why does it scare them so much?

Is it the missing part or the leaving part that is scarier. Both I should say. Leaving because you believe you are leaving all; you feel you are missing all the good times that are yet to come, which I figured out later should be a strength that we should all inculcate in ourselves, to ride over suicidal thoughts that can possess us during our hard times.

Now here I am putting down my thoughts, still slightly disturbed inside but what’s my worrying got to do here. I give my condolences to my friend, console him and feel his pain. And then that feeling gave me an idea.

A small play I made up, to fight my fears. That, God calls, those he loves, early to his abode, and we need to be happy for them and not cry because our happiness can make them knock on heaven’s door quicker and their life will find meaning when they are anointed with god’s grace...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

self inflicted fear

We are all so good in fooling others,and little do we realise that its a trick that we play to run away from ourselves.We are afraid of many things..Ever wondered why??Its the fear injected into us,ever since we were born.What if we were brought up in a jungle like mougli and tarzan.Will we ever be afraid of the wild???never..But then we will always be afraid of Humans.The only thing in this little world,we should ever be scared of..Human smell can make you pump the adrenalin to the greatest peaks.make u sweat..the fear will never entangles you like the octopus, crushing you slowly to death...

All sunday classes and church teachings make you wiser..yeah ..thats what you really think???/bull s**t.It screws you up like anything.
The first thing they teach you--Never commit mistakes and if you do,confess!!!WTF??
Have you ever thought about the dilemmas of an innocent child who has been a victim of molestation??got trapped in the hands of a paedophile??Childhood memories given by a lesser god..Guilt will always be a part of him.For trusting GOD,for trusting people who were dear to him,fooled him right from the moment he was born.And no wonder rebels are born...

All laughing faces crying inside ,break free and fight.Throw away your masks and face the cruel world...