Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A random day after work

So yesterday after a long hard day at work( ok long day at work.. alright after work :P), I took a cab back home and on the way remembered my hubby’s tattoo dream expedition was happening somewhere in the corner of a mall. I derouted and went straight to the mall to see the insy winsy spider  getting inked on his right palm. Though I keep pestering him to convey the symbolism , he keeps evading  my question saying he himself doesn’t know(hard to believe ,could be true too). Now his desire grew and he wants a web right from his palm to his neck and maybe his entire body too. Maybe then he might ink some flies to give company to his spidey.
So where were we, O yeah the movie.Since the inking ceremony was only a 15 minute affair , by the time I reached he was done with it. Could see a glimpse of happy tears (could be from the pain too) on his awestruck face , a feeling of accomplishment.

A quick dinner at Harrys and we headed right to PVR cinemas to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Volume 1 never failed to amuse me. But this one, Man..  it made me cry my heart out. Tears rolling down my cheeks underneath the 3D glasses. Thank god , the theatre was dark.There were swift movements on my face like I was moping it or something.

The best part of the movie was when it made me believe Quill had a father and that he was not only handsome but a doting one too and in the likes of God in that galaxy.Well that turned out ot be a disaster huh? However Groot was too cute and the raccoon(lol I know this particular word irritates him more than anything else and he would have bamboozalled me right away). The evil sister turned out to be the one with the golden heart. Suprised , no doubt. However , the ending will definitely make you go for the tissue papers. Such a great watch with amazing sense of dark humour and sarcasm and yes, right to the point.

Best movie I have watched in a while. Worth your time J