Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Deep blue Ocean

Mood swings can make your mind dance a lot according to the different tunes your heart plays.It's like the deep  blue ocean that lashes out at the shore for no fault of its own or maybe who knows what tricks the minced little beast plays beneath the ocean.It might be tickling the blue sparkling beads, when its taking a nap ,letting it roar, jump and froth on the shore ;) or it can be the melancholic feeling of a dying marine soul that makes it want to weep and wanting the shore to lend a shoulder to cry on.

The ocean is the greatest listener.Trust me! You can tell anything to the ocean and it will bury all your secrets and quench your soul with the peace nothing life-like can ever give you.The soothing sound of the frolicking waves and the gushing waters that try to catch your toes,its all part of the journey you undertook years ago when you were born into the hands of the phenomenon called fate!

Fate is the decider of your so called future,which you always failed to realize , can do nothing unless you choose to do something about it .Yes,take a breath and look at life, like the ocean sees it.So calm and serene,it looks from a distance , making the biggest orange star take a dip in it in the evenings.ha ha,right in your face!It can take different forms like a sly magician and the uncanny lies in its ability to fool you and make you believe things that you wish you could actually believe!

Its a little bit funny how the shore and the ocean have lived together all these years in perfect harmony.All the sorrows and joys being shared, all the beautiful times spend together,the bright sunny days and the mourning moonlit nights.The lovely feeling it can give you when you are a part of it and I am longing to amalgamate in to this marvelous miracle... 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

life's little tricks

Sometimes you get caught between the sea and the devil and those are the moments you test your strength.Giving up is for people who are weak inside.Never say die. I have always lived with that motto in life and I never regret clinging on to so called hope because in the end  the truth prevails.

The nothingness life sometimes throws at your face,Shag it out.Its not worth it.
You know life doesn't have a defined set of rules.All you need to do is get into the boat and sail across the oceans!

Fear only sucks out your strength.Embrace the pains,take up all challenges with a smile.Hail the vacuum and the peace  it gives you.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Love in a jar

I am always thrilled when I hear the word Love because that is the reason people survive.You know,You should be lucky that you are born because from the moment the zygote forms, it is because of love making ;)
So we are surrounded by love all the time.

But when does it start diminishing from our lives? Any idea? Even I don't . I always feel its a choice.. You can love someone,anyone,everyone,the entire world.I am not telling you to be a kissass.But you need love to survive in this world.Your life is empty without that feeling.

Love can sometimes create a vicious circle if the experience is painful.But its up to you not to get trapped in the negativity that will pull you down so low that it will be very difficult to come out from that black hole.

The soft cloud and the sun meets to create the beautiful rainbow but then will it be formed without the rain???
Ever thought of hunting for love..Well,it happens to those people who is so desperate,who is so insecure,that they will do anything for love.They wont mind pouring a bucket of water to make the rainbow on a dried up cloud and a flaming sun,forgetting the fact that its the end of sunshine in their lives...

Love is the fresh air that fills your cozy little room.You leave the windows open all the time so that it can keep refreshing you but if you close the windows you are letting it get stale.You cant win love over freedom..try it and you will know what I am talking about.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

self destruction

I keep pondering about this stupendous thought and the memories linger on for a longer time. Opinions keep changing, so do priorities. Experience of my near and dear ones have taught me to stop blabbering about all beautiful things life has given me but I never forget, I am just a human and as human as I can be, not an angel nor a saint. I love the essence of life and all miseries it makes me drink, because in the end it makes me realise, it's worth it.

What’s so much to fuss about a happy life? Because I do believe that Happiness is a choice, a conscious one that decides what you really need in your life.

A sadist finds immense pleasure in hurting someone. But Isn't he a happy individual free of guilt? So, does that mean guilty feelings play an important role in deciding your happiness? yes, of course!!

You can't be happy and feel guilty at the same time. And if someone says yes, well they are faking it!

But why is this feeling so powerful??It’s so powerful that it even takes control of your mind and your heart. Self destruction is the worst sin anyone can commit. It’s even worse than suicide. Because when you commit suicide and if it’s a success ;-) tada, you are gone, you are dead. No need to go through life's turmoil again. But self destruction, i.e., destroying your mind completely, is worse than dying. Your body will be the only thing that will be alive.

Fear factor is the only thing responsible for making you feel guilty.
Living without fear is out of choice or may be, more V for Vendettas should be born to take away our fears...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Random musings

This is my first post on random thoughts and what more can I think of than the random est of thoughts that's gushing out from my mind right now.

I have been thinking a lot about life and all things alike..Well ha ha..Christmas has come and gone .a million happy new years escaped my life without bidding goodbyes..
Ahem..I need justice..Justice for all the fun I missed.All the lovely precious moments that I could have had.Well, there's a saying right..Time and Tide waits for no man..Well ,it waits for no woman either..

I want to feel humor in everything I see..Well ..people do take you seriously right ;) so I have to carefully deliver the jokes.. mind you,its a small world out there,waiting to gulp you down unless you escape from those vicious claws ..

live and let live and peace be with you... and with this I am off to sleep :)

more random thoughts on the way for better tomorrows...