Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Political Adults-Only mishap ;)

Ok. So this some recent hot news that’s splashing across all news channels and the title itself will make everyone glued to the television screen. Ahem, careful with the hands. What??? I am saying not to raise the middle finger. For Christ’s sake, can’t you people leave small things small?

Now back to our discussion. So these 2 innocent ministers were under stress and what’s the best medicine for stress? Watching Porn???Note that one of them was the “woman and child development” minister.
Hello??? Do u realise the minister has to do his basics. He needs to understand everything about women. He is no Mel Gibson in “What women want” movie.

Enough with the sarcasms. Is it that big a crime to watch something like this while a heated debate was going on? Is that the reason they demand resignations from these two human beings? Yes, to err is human. But how is it different from these two idiots imagining porn playing in their intellectual minds and not giving any sort of attention to the meeting? Is it then deemed a crime?Hell yeah,screw the new technology that is ruining even the kids of this generation.

But anyways we the people voted for these little men who think they are doing a wonderful job? So who’s there to blame? Them? Or us? Or should we just put the blame on Global Warming J


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  1. Gud one....Though we know how idiot our politicians are, but ironical thing is that we still have to vote in order to elect one more idiot as our leader.