Monday, February 6, 2012

Your story?My story?doesn't matter...

When you think your story is the worst drawing in the world, take a moment and think about others around you.

I was cribbing about missing my family for a few months, as I had to join my work.  I pitied myself like anything. My good friend came on chat asking me about my vacation, and all I did was fret about unnecessary things.

Just then he shared something with me and all I could do at that moment was pray for the soul of the poor girl who died of blood cancer. Why does god play funny games with innocent souls? Why would god need younger souls in heaven? Is he experimenting with his creations again?

Why was I so disturbed? After all it was a girl whom I knew in name and stories only. Still I could feel the pain and more than that, the fear that was gripping me hard from inside. Why do people get so disturbed when they hear about death? Why does it scare them so much?

Is it the missing part or the leaving part that is scarier. Both I should say. Leaving because you believe you are leaving all; you feel you are missing all the good times that are yet to come, which I figured out later should be a strength that we should all inculcate in ourselves, to ride over suicidal thoughts that can possess us during our hard times.

Now here I am putting down my thoughts, still slightly disturbed inside but what’s my worrying got to do here. I give my condolences to my friend, console him and feel his pain. And then that feeling gave me an idea.

A small play I made up, to fight my fears. That, God calls, those he loves, early to his abode, and we need to be happy for them and not cry because our happiness can make them knock on heaven’s door quicker and their life will find meaning when they are anointed with god’s grace...