Sunday, April 22, 2012

The 'in' thing

You awesome people out there don't expect me to highlight tips on new fashion trends in this space. Well who knows in some time I might start doing that ;) Well this is a short co incidence that managed to irritate me more than how my eyes are irritating me right now.

So few days back, the mausam was showing signs of discomfort, well! For Delhi it was the best. The winds were fearsome, blowing its horn harder than ever, rattling the steel sheds, swirling everything that came across its trail ,making wild hair of feminine roots to act like a pine corn ,creating a nasty web of all things dusty, the silhouette always mind-blowing . I guess I can go on and on beautifying nature’s horridness but yes even that makes me feel closest to Mother Nature.

Still I am not getting anywhere near to what I wish to say. So here I go, straight to the point.

Sitting on the fifth floor with glass covered panes masking tall buildings, I could hear the hustles of dancing trees and I couldn’t resist myself from vacating my seat ,running toward the lift, press the ground floor button and there I was out in the wild, free from black monitors ,chilling ac’s  & busy people.

I could feel my tress flying high and I was enjoying the warmth it was giving me without asking for it. I stood there letting the wind caress me for some more time before I realised what was happening. Mind it, I was so happy that I didn’t want to miss any of it and then the atrocious thing happened.

My eyes were smothered with dusty mist and I was blinded by something that is too embarrassing to reveal that I didn’t care to wash my eyes. I went back, packed my bags and left. Reached my destination, had a wonderful dinner with someone special and ran back home and after lots of fun with my dear roomies I managed to sleep. Next morning, disaster!

My right eye was swollen and it was paining like hell and whom to blame?
Mother Nature? For letting me enjoy her for pretty good time? Or did I do something wrong with her? Whatever! I got bitten by the smug and kept sulking over it and finally decided to see who else but the next best thing to GOD, a Doc!
Did I ever tell you how I used to hate going to doc’s .Well I guess that’s a different story altogether ;)
So I dress up, wear my sun glasses (you never know how windy it can get but yeah it was Sunny too ;)) and reached the doc’s place, waited for some time, and finally he arrives; A cheerful smile and a funny look. I told him my ailments and after taking a look at my wide open mouth, he takes his writing pad and jots down the medicines for me. Here goes the list
Crocin , Citizin ,Otrivin and all things ‘in’. I gasped at the list and then the doctor and I whispered to him in my mind.” Dude! I am freaking having an eye pain not a bloody cold”.
He was good in ripping a hole in my pocket and I left abruptly, thanked him for his genius discovery, bought those medicines anyways and now still with the pain on my eyes I keep writing and staring at those tabs and wondering how a stye can make you believe in imaginary things.

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